Surgery went very well. I have 4 or 5 incisions all held together with super glue. I'm allergic to the tapes they use. The damn thing was very hairy inside. Plus it had lots of tissue and blood. The surgeon called it a "complex ovarian dermoid cyst". I told him that I like to be difficult. The only problem was in recovery when I was coming out of anesthesia and I had an asthma attack. I barely remember it, so whatever. I've been resting most of this evening and I'll probably try to get some more sleep here after my meds kick in. I just thought I'd update the world on my condition.

Update for the Update:
Everything is healing well. I still hae a week off from work because I'm still too bruised to get my work pants buttoned. Heartbreaking, I know. I feel so much better and all the testing came back...no cancer. Maybe now I can finish the painting around the house. Why waste the time off. 


Roller Coaster

We are in our new house....YIPPEE!! New carpets, new paint, new blinds...world of difference. Work is going well. If people would quit playing with buttons on MY self checkout. Bastards.

Now the not so fun stuff. I was in the emergency room on Tuesday. This was not the not so fun part. The not so fun part began after all the blood tests and ultrasounds (even Tysgirl's favorite up the koochie version) when the doc walked into the room and said "Well your not pregnant, but you are growing human tissue on your ovary. Things like hair, teeth, nails and skin masses." Gee, thanks for being so cheery about it. I need to go in for surgery on it within the next few weeks. No choice and no putting it off. So in our great wisdom......G and I named it Quasi Moto. Figure if we can't have kids we might as well enjoy it. We are both being strong....I'm scared shitless. It was worse after I looked up the type of cyst online. It is called a ovarian dermoid cyst. The pictures of them are enough to make you want to hurl. Mine is already the size of my bladder. Time is running thin. I will hopefully get ahold of the follow-up doc tomorrow. Until then, me and my oxycodone have a date with a search-a-word and the couch. I'll try to keep updates going as I feel up to it. Maybe we'll have a "Quasi Shower" before surgery. Sounds like fun to me.

UPDATE: Doctor office was reached, appointment on Monday and surgery most likely scheduled for Tuesday. Wish us luck.


My Last Blog......For a Little While

No worries....It's only until we get internet hooked up. But that could take a little bit. Between moving expenses and move in fees, we are a little straped for cash. I'm okay with that. We got our house a month early, things are going quickly. We will be painting tomorrow and moving shit in on Sunday. At least the big stuff. I got vacation for next week starting on Sunday so things seem to be falling into place. I am excited and nervous and excited and worried about money.....and did I mention excited. I think things will work out, just tight for a bit. This will be the first time ever for our own house...no neighbors on the other side of the wall, our own lawn (though it's not much of a lawn), and no "roommates" minus a dog and two cats.

So wish us luck...send donations if you like :)


That's The Way Spend Your Day Off...

Okay, I won't complain too much. At least I wasn't the one cleaning dog doo out of the yard. However I did start my day by waking up at 5AM. How the hell is that sleeping in?!?!?! Whatever. I was wide awake....that blows. So I made coffee, took the dog out and pondered what to do with my day. Since we are hopefully moving soon I decided that packing some of our useless crap would be a good idea, so I called the grocery store to have them hold some boxes. Then I decided we needed to get the carpets cleaned from Zoe housebreaking fun. So after a long hot shower off to the store we went, picked up boxes and bought carpet cleaning foam. But then I realized that I needed a new mop head for the carpet foam and a durable cleaning rag for the tough spots. So off to the other store.....their Starbucks' is better. More coffee in hand, I got to start the carpets and start the packing fun. Eight hours later.......I've cleaned the carpets and the boxes are still in the car. EIGHT hours......next time I am so just going to save time, energy and my back by renting a freakin' steam cleaner. I love the Resolve carpet foam.....for small spots, not years of stains made worse by puppy training. Bonus....in-laws are bringing home dinner. The hubby cleaned dog poop and mowed the field and yard. I am going to try to get laundry done tonight and start the packing thing tomorrow. And maybe...just maybe I'll be able to sleep in until at least 6AM.

BTW......Everyone keep your fingers crossed that the house will open up for us, we find out Friday.


Picnic is becoming a sickness

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Sorry to everyone.....I've become an editing addict. I just can't help it. It's too much fun. So I am going to get a large selection going and then will be asking for your opinions on which pics for a calendar. I love a good voting game. It will prolly take a few more days to weeks.....but let your friends know, I want tons of opinions. Both here and on Flickr.